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So I met this guy, and he's pretty cool, so I got temporarily distracted from writing. XD but fear not!!! More chapters are on the way! I don't know when exactly, but I fully intend to put more chapters out soon! I miss writing it. I miss my little skeleton XD
and holy crap I hope you like it. ^_^*

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warning: mature content, bro. Ye be warned.

(the first timeline)

I stay stock still, hiding in the brush by the river, crouching in the mud. I’m shaking from head to toe with fear. I can hear her clanking, armored footsteps getting closer and closer.

Oh god, I’m going to die!!!!!!

Undyne stops still in her tracks not even ten feet from my hiding spot, and she’s so deadly I can sense her eyes searching the brush carefully for me.

“Heya, Undy,” Says a low, goofy voice. My heart jumps in my chest with sudden joy.

“Sans, what are you doing here??” Undyne barks, her voice as sharp as steel.

“Patrollin’. What’re you doin’?” He asks lazily. He sounds like he isn’t worried about Undyne’s terrible mood at all.

“The human came this way,” she growls angrily. I can sense her searching for me again.

“I been walkin’ around this area for hours, and I ain’t seen nothin’ out o’ the ordinary,” he says confidently.

“Are you sure?” she snaps at him.

“As sure as the grave,” he swears jovially. I bet he’s winking at her. That skeleton is crazy. And kind of badass.

Undyne lets out a frustrated growl and throws one of her giant, glowing blue spears aimlessly into the brush. It lands with a sickening thud not one foot from me. I notice it’s covered in blue flames. He knew exactly where I was. He just saved me.

Undyne doesn’t seem to notice his interference, because she huffs and stomps away noisily in her heavy, metal armor. I crouch on the muddy ground, staying as quiet as I can until her footsteps diminish into the distance. After a few more moments, Sans says,

“Gee, kiddo. That was a close one.” He appears in front of me out of thin air, and I jump up and step backwards.

“Woah there, relax,” he grins at me, shoving his skeleton hands into the pockets of his faded, blue hoodie. He’s wearing baggy, black basketball shorts and baby pink slippers. What the hell is up with this guy?

And why am I always so happy to see him??? I mean, yea, he usually shows up just in time to save my skin, but lately I've been wishing he'd show up just to say hello.

“Um...thanks,” I say blankly. I always seem to have a hard time forming coherent sentences around this short skeleton monster. I like that he’s barely even taller than me.

“Hey, fuggedaboudit,” he shrugs passively, winking at me. My face starts burning. How the hell does a monster from the Underground have a slight Brooklyn accent? I don’t know, but it’s really, really cute.

Hold on, wait up. Just wait right the fuck there. What was that? He’s CUTE?

Oh my god. He IS!!!! I hang my head slightly so that my hair falls into my face. I really hope he can’t see how red my face must be.

“You alright, buddy?” he asks, concerned. My heart beats excitedly.

NO! No, you stop RIGHT THE FUCK THERE!!! You are NOT crushing on a skeleton.

“I’m fine! I’m just...I should go-- in case she comes back!” I say frantically, completely flustered. He raises a brow at me.

“She ain’t comin’ back. Yer safe for now, kiddo,” he assures me, grinning confidently. He’s so relaxed I can’t help but believe him. Still, though, I need to leave this conversation ASAP.

“I just…I have to go! I’ll see you around, ok?” I wave at him and turn to go, but he teleports into my path. I almost walk into him. I back up a step and look away, blushing like crazy. He quirks his head at me and fixes me with an odd look. When I refuse to look at him, he leans back on his heals and shrugs indifferently.

“Fine by me kid. But hey, be careful, huh?” He nods at me, smirking, and then disappears in an instant with a tiny pop!

I stand there for a little while, struggling against the huge smile that’s threatening to take over my face. Butterflies are swarming in my stomach and I feel my heartbeat through my entire body.

Oh no. Oh boy. I may have a problem here.


I just fucked a skeleton.

I look over at him lying there next to me in this tiny sentry station. Finally, after all this time, he got to fourth base. I'm so fucking proud of him.

He's looking pretty proud of himself too, with that dreamy smirk on his skull. He looks over and catches me watching.

“Been wantin’ to do that since the first timeline.” He runs his hand down my chest, a look on his face like he can't believe we actually just did that.

“When exactly did you decide you wanted to bone me?” I ask, giving him a mischievous grin of my own. He shuts one eye and screws up his face like he's thinking.

“I'd have to say when you hugged me at the piano,” He says honestly. Wow, he actually had an answer? I have no idea when I realized I wanted to fuck this skeleton. It just sort of crept up on me.

“Whadda bout you?” He asks, flashing me his new fangs.

Shit. Uhhhhhhh, well, actually…

“The first time you saved me from Undyne,” I say, smiling at the memory.

“Heh, you like it when I’m reckless,” he says, sounding way too proud of the fact.

“Maybe I do,” I stick my tongue out at him and poke him in the ribs. He swats at my hand, and his eyes are drawn to my neck. He runs his fingers over my skin, touching the spots where those teeth broke skin.

“Jeez, I made you bleed...biting is, uh, kind of a monster thing…sorry,” he grimaces, his face flushing blue.

“Don’t be. I like it,” I assure him happily.

“You sure do,” he raises his brows up and down, teasing me.

“I am part monster, after all,” I chirp. He looks surprised that I spoke of it, since we usually avoid subjects that make me panic. But right now, I’m so happy, nothing can hurt me. I roll over and straddle him. I'm still not wearing underwear. His hands run up my dress, up my thighs and hips and waist, his long bone fingers spread wide like he's trying to touch as much of me as possible.

“I keep thinking you're gonna forget,” he says softly, his eyes roaming my body like he might never see me again.

“Stop that,” I scold him gently, leaning down to kiss him. I sit up and caress his face, tracing my fingers around his eyes, mouth, down his jaw, his neck bones. He watches me silently, breathing deeply. He looks so content there, underneath me.

Sitting on him like this should be insanely uncomfortable, but Sans isn't like an actual skeleton. There's some kind of magic about him that makes the clothes he wears look filled out, and he feels pretty solid (unless my fingers go searching) when I'm up against him. It's all a bit confusing honestly.

My ever curious fingers start digging into the spaces between his ribs, over his shirt. It's basically a habit now.

“Christ, girl, I just took care o’ya.” He drawls smugly. He looks up at me with a dopey smile and half lidded sockets. Those lights are big and round and flickering softly. I reach back and give the crotch of his pants a squeeze. He sucks in a breath between his teeth, and a faint blue iris appears around the white light in his left socket.

“I've been wanting to fuck you for ages. I'm going to need you to stay determined,” I smirk down at him.

“You didn't even remember us that whole time. How the hell do ya think I feel?” He growls playfully, reaching up to grasp at the back of my head. His sharp fingers wrap into my hair and he pulls me down into a rough kiss. His tongue goes so far into my mouth I almost gag. Woah. His other hand runs down my back and squeezes my ass.

He lets me up for air, and I see that his left eye is back to flaming blue, but his other socket is still lit. I like that. I grind my hips down onto him and he hums deep in his chest. I sit up and run my fingers down his chest, drumming his ribs lightly. He makes a few of those noises I like, and his hands grip my waist. I squirm on his lap, and I feel him already pretty hard again beneath me.

My fingers sneak under his shirt, and I start pulling it up slowly. I want to see his bones again, this time in broad daylight, but his skeletal hand darts out, fast as lightning, and wraps around my wrist. I look into his face, concerned. He’s still grinning up at me, but there’s anxiety straining his features. Ok, so he was only cool with me seeing him when he was drunk. I give him the slightest of nods, and he releases my wrist. Shit, so I guess I sort of took advantage of him while he was under the influence, didn't I??

So...what AM I allowed to see? I move my hand down to pull at his waistband, and I look at him to make sure it's ok.

“Wait, hold on a second,” he says, trying to stop undressing me with his eyes long enough to focus. He snaps his fingers and suddenly the space above the counter is filled with silent, warm, cyan and yellow flames. It's now very pleasantly warm in here.

“Probably shoulda done that before we fucked…” he winks up at me.

I laugh and shrug off my jacket. He sits up and pulls my dress over my head, and my unclasped bra goes with it. I'm now totally naked, straddling a fully clothed skeleton.

Oh, so he's allowed to see ME. Typical Sans.

“Damn, Frisk,” He says softly, looking me up and down with an awed expression plastered on his skull. Normally I'd be self conscious in a situation like this, but the way he's looking at me, I feel like I really am the most beautiful girl in the world.

He runs his hands all over my body, kissing and sucking on my breasts, biting every now and then lightly with his sharp teeth.

“God, Sans, I need…” I lose my words when his tongue starts going on my nipple. My hips grind down onto him again, and I let out a shaky breath. He takes his mouth off me and leans back on his elbows. He's looking smug again, just taking in the sight of me sitting pretty on top of him.

I scoot back a bit so I can wiggle his pants down his pelvis a little. His cock pops out and I stare at it for a few seconds. Yep, that’s a dick alright. Except it's made of solid blue flames, like his tongue. I'm kind of glad I didn't get a good look at it before, because its size is a bit intimidating, compared to what I've experienced before. But hey, I already know it fits, right?

I look back at him and see that he's watching me nervously, like he's afraid of my reaction. I give him a giant smile and reach out to grip him in my hand. His eyes cross a little and he lets out a sharp breath. I run my hand up it and he slumps back to rest on the floor, covering his eyes with the heels of his skeleton hands. I tug a few more times and lust after the sounds he makes.

I think again about just how long he's been waiting for this, and I'm so turned on I can't stand it anymore. I stand on my knees to slowly lower myself onto his dick. He peeks down at me to watch, blushing a deep blue. Even though he was just inside me minutes ago, I still have a hard time relaxing enough to take all of him. He grips my hips with his sharp fingers and pushes his hips up, working himself up into me.

“Shit,” I say through clenched teeth.

“Feels so fucking good,” he says shakily, running his fingertips up my thighs and hips.

I give myself a few moments before pulling myself up off him, and down again. He sighs happily, and I grit my teeth. He thrusts up and goes deeper than I was ready for. I'm bucked forward and I lose my balance.

“God!” I gasp, reaching out to steady myself. My hand closes around his collar bone, which is exposed out of the neck of his baggy t-shirt.

“Fuck!” He growls sharply, grasping my wrist in pain, and definitely some pleasure.

“S-sorry,” I pant, still trying to relax with him inside me. He looks up at me with one flaming and flashing cyan and yellow eye, and one big, round, white eye. I can see his tongue glowing behind his grin.

“Don't be.” He shakes his head, and his eyes and hands travel slowly down my body. My skin tingles with energy everywhere he touches.

“You're so fucking beautiful,” he breathes. His hips thrust upward again and I whimper and clamp my eyes shut.

“You gotta relax, baby,” he purrs, his fingers moving down to rub gently at my clit. I grip his collarbone harder and he hisses through sharp teeth. I pull myself up, clenching around him, and then push down onto him. After a few more times, it starts to feel very, very good. My movements feel more natural now, and I lean my body the way I need so that he's rubbing me inside just the right way.

“Atta girl,” he coos, looking up at me with half lidded sockets. God dammit, his voice is intoxicating. He adds his own thrusts into the mix, still kneading me gently in little circles with the fingers of his left hand.

“Talk to me,” I choke out, blushing and totally overwhelmed. His eye sockets widen in surprise for a second, and then a devilish smile spreads across his skull.

“You know what I'm gonna do to ya next?” He growls, digging the sharp fingertips of his free hand into my waist. I stare into his eyes and my movements become more frantic.

“I'm gonna lay ya down, and I'm gonna bite ya EVERYWHERE,” he narrows his eyes and he looks practically malicious. My arms lose strength and I fall to my elbows. My chest presses against him and I rest my forehead on his. He runs his hands down my back and grips my ass. I groan and grind into him harder.

“You fuckin’ like that, don't ya?” He thrusts hard up into me, his hands pushing down on my ass.

“Oh god,” I whimper, almost there.

“That’s a good lil kitten.” He grips the back of my head with his long skeleton fingers and bites down on my neck. As soon as those fangs hit my skin, I'm wracked with an orgasm so powerful that I almost can't breathe.

“Holy shit!” He gasps, his hands flying down to grip my hips so that he isn't forced out of me.

“Sans!” I cry out, hiding my face in his neck bones and clutching his jacket in both hands.

“Oh, fuck yes…” He groans blissfully, clenching his teeth and thrusting into me as I tense around him. His voice, every sound he's making, sends me farther and farther into intense pleasure. I feel my heartbeat in my ears again, and this time darkness starts fading out the edges of my sight.

“I'm gonna...faint,” I warn him.

“I got you, sweety,” he assures me, his voice low and gritty with obvious pleasure. That pet name sends me to places I've never been, and I feel myself about to pass out. As I go limp, his arms wrap around me.

I come to, draped over him. He's panting in my ear, and I'm disappointed I didn't get to feel him cum. I can still feel myself coming down from my orgasm. I raise my head once I'm sure I've fully regained consciousness and look down into his face. He's blushing blue so brightly that his eyes, which have returned to their usual white, look dim in comparison.

“How long was I out?” I ask shakily.

“Ten seconds, maybe,” he pants.

“Shit,” I blink, trying to clear my head.

“I feel kinda dirty for blowin’ my load in an unconscious girl,” he grimaces guiltily.

“Ew! Don't call it that!” I crinkle my nose.

“What, blowin’ my load? Whatchu want me ta call it?” He quirks his head at me, trying to be cute. His accent is sneaking out big time right now, and fuck yes, it's cute as hell. I shake my head at him and lay back down on him. I'm exhausted.

“All tuckered out, eh?” He pats my head condescendingly.

“Fuck you,” I gripe.

“Ya just did,” he snickers.

“How come you got to see me naked, but I didn't get to take off your shirt?” I ask, kind of annoyed at his cockiness. He grows silent and his body stiffens under me. Uh oh, I've hit a nerve.

“One thing at a time, babe,” he says finally, trying to sound casual, like he doesn't care either way. I decide to let it go for now.

“Was it good?” He asks, suddenly shy. I giggle and lift myself up to hover over him.

“I fucking fainted, and you're asking if it was good??” I smirk down at him and let my hair brush his face. He smiles happily and brings me down into a kiss.

“Alright kid, get dressed.” He lifts me off of him and sits up. I stare at him, sitting on my knees on the floor. He sees me pouting and shakes his head at me, smirking.

“I'm a little low on magic, kiddo. It's time to take a nap, and I ain't sleepin’ on this floor again.” He frowns at the sentry station around us. I huff, frustrated, but I gather up my dress, coat, bra and panties and pull them all on without standing up. He sits there watching me with a sleepy, happy expression until I'm suitably dressed and straightened out.

“You promised biting, though,” I glare grumpily at him. He laughs and reaches out to grip my waist, letting his sharp fingertips bite into my flesh. I let out a surprised little breath as he pulls me into his lap before teleporting us into his room, on his bed. It smells strongly of smoke in here, and I actually have to breathe into my arm. That's right, Papyrus almost burned the house down with his pancakes.

“Hang on,” Sans says distractedly, not very affected by the quality of air. He waves his arm at the window and a tiny blue orb flies from his hand. The window opens, and a cold breeze blows through the room, taking most of the smoke with it.

I shiver, even with my coat on, and glare at him.

“I thought you were running low on magic?” I accuse him. He shows me an open mouthed smile, his blue, flaming tongue curled over his glistening fangs.

“Maybe I lied. Maybe I just wanted ta get ya in my room,” he sneers, both eyes flashing yellow for a second. He pushes me back on the bed and pins my arms to my sides. He hovers as close to my face as he can without actually touching me.

“Ya wanted biting, amirite?” He grins almost evilly. My mouth hangs open, and I stare up at him in shock. He swoops down and clamps his jaws onto my neck, on the side he hasn't already bitten. I cry out and my back arches. He didn't break the skin, but holy shit! He releases me and gently sucks at the spot, swirling his tongue. I shiver and wiggle against him. He leans back and pulls my coat off, and then my dress up, and I help him pull it over my head. He moves down and nips at the skin stretched over my collarbone. He runs his teeth down my arm, pinching me here and there until biting down firmly on my wrist. I jump, but I like the sting.

He leans into my chest and his mouth closes over my breast. He bites gently at my nipple through my bra. I suck in air through my teeth, and he chuckles. He moves down until his teeth scrape past my belly button. His wet, warm tongue touches my skin, and I let out a whine. His mouth covers my sensitive parts and he bites playfully at me through my panties. His skeleton finger hooks into the crotch of my underwear, and he pauses to look up at me like I better fucking hold onto something.

He pulls my panties aside and his tongue glides up against my clit. I grip the blanket on either side of me. He closes his mouth on me, his fangs pinching just a little, and sucks. My hips thrust up into his mouth. He chuckles deeply and his tongue starts going in circles.

“ god,” I plead, barely audible. My hands reach down to pet at his skull. He's watching me intently, eye sockets slightly narrowed, his focus shifting every now and then between my left and right eye.

He gets a few fingers going inside of me, and his tongue starts flicking up and down. I jerk upwards and my entire body shudders. It's almost too much stimulation.

“Too…much,” I mumble breathlessly and push at his skull. His eyes flash yellow again and he snarls. He bites down a little firmer around me and his tongue goes faster, with more pressure.

I let out a strangled cry. My back arches and my head digs into the bed.

“Fuck! Sans!” I choke out, digging my fingernails into the grooves of his skull. He hums very low against me, and the vibration sends me right over the edge, just like that. It's almost alarming how gripping the sensation is. He watches me with a lustful, open mouthed grin as his blue tongue gently licks me. I clench around his fingers over and over until my head gets that heavy, fuzzy feeling again and I can feel my limbs going slack.

“Oh no ya don't!” Sans says, a little frantically, and moves up to grasp my jaw with his long, bone fingers. His sharp fingertips hum with magic, and suddenly my brain is wired, totally awake. My sight comes back and my limbs regain strength. As my eyes focus on his face I see that he's watching me with a mixture of lust and relief. His fingers are still inside of me, coaxing every last note of pleasure from me, and I get to enjoy the rest of my climax fully conscious.

“Woah,” I pant. He chuckles and flops down on his side next to me.

“Cool, it worked. I'll have to remember that next time,” he notes to himself.

“What was that?” I bring my hand to my head.

“Magic. I jump started your brain, in a way,” he shrugs, like it's no big deal.

“Mad scientist Sans,” I think outloud to myself. He looks actually peeved at that statement for a moment, but then smiles sleepily.

“Alright, for real now, I gotta take a nap. My magic really is gettin’ low,” he curls his arm around me and snuggles into my side. He breathes into my hair.

“Why are you always so sleepy?” I complain, pulling the blanket over us.

“It's hard work, fuckin’ you,” he mumbles happily, digging his fingers into my side. I shriek and squirm against him. He's an expert tickler, I swear.

I wake up in his bed, alone. I sit up and rub my eyes groggily. I see a neatly folded pile of clothes sitting next to me. He’s found me some clothes of his to wear--the same t-shirt and sweatpants he always gave me whenever I spent the night on the couch in the old timelines. I leave my dress in a heap on his bed and venture out into the house. I use their bathroom before climbing silently down the stairs.

I walk into the kitchen to see him sitting at the kitchen table, hunched over, head bowed, arms leaning on the table, holding a black, glass mug with both hands. He’s not wearing a jacket, and his white bone arms are exposed. I’m barefoot, and my feet don’t make any sound, but he lifts his head and looks over at me as soon as I enter the room.

He gives me a soft smile and holds out his arm toward me, inviting me over. I tiptoe to him, smiling shyly, and sit sideways onto his lap. He curls his arm around me and leans his head back to survey me with half lidded sockets.

“How you feelin’, Sport?” he asks, giving me a sideways smirk. I snuggle into him and press my face against his.

“Good,” I murmur. I don’t like that we didn’t wake up together.

“Heh. I bet you are,” he teases half heartedly. Oh, hello sad Sans.

“What are you doing down here in the cold, all alone?” I ask, bringing my hand up to hold his face. He presses his hand over mine and leans his head into me.

“Needed some time to prep myself for this talk,” he says gently. I can feel his words in my heart, and they weigh more than the ocean. Is he really ready for this?

I grip at his shirt and kiss him lightly. He returns the kiss, but he’s holding back. He pulls away from me and points to the chair across the table from us.

“I’m gonna need ya to sit over there for this. And put on a jacket. It’s gonna get a lot colder in here.” He instructs, becoming serious. I see I can’t distract him from this any longer and give him a tiny nod. I stand up and leave the room to get my jacket from upstairs, but then I see his dark red one hanging on the hook by the door. I cross the living room and pull it off the hook. I shrug it on and pause for a moment, wondering if this is ok. Fuck it, this jacket is awesome, I’m doing it.

I stroll back into the kitchen and watch for his reaction. He sees me and narrows his eyes, laughing softly and shaking his head at me. I give him a-- what are you going to do about it??-- look and plop down in the chair opposite him. I fold my arms in front of me and look into his face. He smiles at me for a little longer, and then looks down into his mug.

“Is that coffee???” I lean over the table to peek inside the cup. He seems a little annoyed that I keep trying to delay this thing.

“Yea. Trying to give up ketchup.”

I laugh out loud and he frowns at me. I cover my mouth and try to stop giggling.

“I mean, sorry, of course you could,” I tease him. Sans give up ketchup? Never.

He smirks at me condescendingly.

“I’m jokin’, kid. Coffee replenishes magic,” he raises a suggestive eyebrow at me.

“Ooooohhhh, I see,” I smile and stick my tongue out at him. He shakes his head at me, giving me that familiar --don’t you dare be cute right now-- look. He lets out a fretful sigh and looks back down into his coffee cup. This is it, I realize. He’s ready.

“Alright, I have to go way back. There’s so much shit and it’s all connected.” He closes his eyes and rubs his brows with his bone fingers, making a soft grinding sound. That sad, lonely feeling is already clouding the air.

“Ok,” I say quietly, nodding. My hands are entwined in my shirt. My knuckles are white.

Sans breathes in and then out very slowly. He puts both of his hands around the mug of coffee and stares into its depths. His fingers tap sharply against the glass. He begins talking in a monotone voice, speaking just slow enough so that I can understand, like he’s trying to just get it all out without stopping.

“Back when Pap and I were kids, our mom told us not to go near the mountain, that people went up there and never came back. I was dumb, I didn’t listen. I convinced Papyrus to go up there with me. He wanted me to think he was cool, even though he was scared, so he followed me up the mountain.”

I stay silent even though my brain is reeling. They climbed the mountain?

“We were playing too close to the edge. I fell, and Papyrus tried to save me, but the edge crumbled and we both fell in. We were both injured, and it was hours before someone found us.”

He pauses for a moment, and I notice he starts sweating. How a skeleton sweats, I don’t know, but little droplets are forming on his forehead. The room suddenly feels hot and cold at the same time. Static energy starts crackling in the air and I can feel my hair trying to stand up on my head.

“He found us. He brought us back to his lab. He put us in cages.”

His voice starts to shake and he’s clutching the mug so tightly I’m afraid it might break.

“He did...horrible experiments on us. He was trying to create an incredibly powerful energy source by...altering a human soul.”

His voice has a deadly edge to it. I could be imagining it, but I’m pretty sure his coffee is bubbling.

“He made a machine that forced us to absorb monster souls.”

I let out an involuntary gasp and he meets my gaze. His sockets are pitch black.

“When a human absorbs a soul, their soul loses a portion of Determination, and it doesn’t come back. When he realized the experiment was a failure, he decided he might as well keep going just to see how many monster souls it would take to kill us. He did it just for fun.” He’s baring his teeth and his eyes are narrowed deeply. It’s like he doesn’t even see me sitting across the table from him. The coffee in his cup is at a full boil now and threatens to bubble over onto his hands.

“Sans!” I say sharply. He sits up a little, his face relaxing, and the lights pop back into his sockets. He looks down at the mug, surprised, and takes his hands off it. The coffee stops boiling and sends a waft of steam up past his face. He looks back up at me and breathes kind of fast. I stay silent and wait for him to be ready to go on. After a few moments his shoulders relax, and he fixes his eyes on a spot in the middle of the table.

“It takes exactly one hundred monster souls to drain a human soul of Determination,” he continues in a dim voice.

“But ya don’t die when you lose all yer Determination. You become a monster. You turn into this,” he gestures to all of him forlornly, his eyes glued to that invisible spot on the table top.

“And each time you absorb a soul, you gotta fight that soul’s consciousness for possession of your body. I always won, but Pap…” He chokes up and bows his head again. He’s looking down at his skeleton hands laying face up helplessly in his lap.

“He lost the last fight. It was a monster child’s soul that took possession. Their magic is way more potent. He’s still in there somewhere, but I don’t see him often. Less and less as the years go on…”

“But you love him!” I blurt out. I wasn’t planning on interrupting him, but there goes my brain deciding things without me. He looks up at me, surprised.

“Course I do! He’s still my brother! He’s just not...the brother I had before.” He looks off into space with a long suffering expression on his face.

I just fell in love him even more, somehow.

“As I was absorbing the hundredth soul, the machine malfunctioned and shut down. Gaster was repairing it, and Papyrus broke free from his cage and tried to save me, but Gaster got ‘im. He was gonna kill him, but my magic took control and pulled Gaster into the machine with me,” he makes an apathetic grab at the air, remembering the moment, then lets his hand fall back limply to his lap.

“Somethin’ about his magic made the machine go haywire and we were both electrocuted. He died, but his soul fused to mine. Alphys, his assistant at the time, rescued me. She managed to stop him from gaining control of my body, but I still turned into...this,” he looks down at himself in disgust.

“You’re amazing!!!” I interrupt avidly. His eyes snap up to mine and those sockets narrow a little. I blush, but I keep eye contact. I won’t have him thinking he’s something gross. That just won’t do. I can tell he doesn’t believe me. He looks back down at the table.

“I’m not a good person, Frisk.” He says. There’s suddenly a biting chill in the air. I can’t see his eyes, but I know those lights have gone out.

“When the King and Queen found out what Gaster’d been doing down in the lab, they found a home for Pap and me. The King realized I’d gained the former royal scientists’ smarts, so he appointed me as the new one. I hated it down in the Lab. I couldn’t live with myself. Couldn’t deal with what I’d done to Papyrus. I discovered the Time Machine in Gaster’s office, and I fixed it, but I needed a powerful soul to power the trip back. I found a spell that would summon a demon, one with a soul strong enough to use, but I needed Determination--lots of it, to call her forth,” He looks up at me and a cold wind blows through the room, and right through my core.

“There was enough Determination left in the Time Machine from it’s last trip to complete the spell. So I did it. I called forth the demon. I summoned Chara.”

The air leaves my lungs like someone dropped a heavy weight on my chest.

“She fell into the underground in the form of a child. I knew what she was, but her injured act tricked me. She was just a little girl. I couldn’t do it. And then the goat boy found her,” His face is a mask of pain. I want so badly to interrupt again, but I keep my tongue in check.

“I watched from the shadows as he took the girl to the castle. I watched as the King and Queen accepted her as their daughter. I just stood by and watched. I knew that girl was no good, but I didn’t do nothin’.” He grinds his teeth and makes a strangled sound in the back of his throat.

“So you couldn’t kill a little girl. There’s nothing wrong with that,” I argue softly. He makes a frustrated sound and grips the mug on the table again. He looks away from me, out the kitchen window.

“Frisk, I summoned Chara with YOUR Determination. That’s why she was able to possess you. That’s why you had control over the timeline,” He says tensley.

“Why would that give me control of the timeline??” I ask. He closes his eyes and lets out a short, shallow breath. He bows his head.

“The flower...I knew it was Chara, but I didn’t know the goat prince was in there too. I tried to use it in the time machine...but everything went horribly wrong. The machine malfunctioned and created a time loop. The flower gained control of the timeline. Your Determination was obviously stronger than the portion remaining in the you took over as soon as you fell...” His voice is so quiet I can barely hear him.

“When you showed up and took control, I thought I was saved. I thought, somehow, you were the key to fixing the timeline. But then, in the second timeline, she took control of you…and it started all over again…”

I can see tears falling into his lap. I want so badly to run around the table to him and hold him in my arms. I go to get up, but he looks up sharply and says,

“No!” His voice is stern, and cold. I sit back down and let my hair hang in my face.

“I’m sorry,” he says, his face softening, “but you can’t...I can’t let you...the story ain't over yet.”

His eye sockets close tightly and his teeth clench.

“Before you came along...the other humans who fell...I wasn’t about to follow Asgore’s orders and kill them. They were all so afraid, and confused. I even tried to protect them at first, but the flower kept saving and resetting, over and over, playing with their lives. Some of them were friends, some of them enemies. I spent timeline after timeline watching them fight, win, and lose. Nobody remembered but me and him. The flower didn’t realize I knew what was going on until I tried to kill him. After that, he kept resetting just to mess with me. Over and over and over...for so long, I lost count…” He trails off into heavy, dead silence. He opens his eyes and pierces me with dark sockets.

I stare at the skeleton across the table, and for the first time I understand just how old he is. In those deep, endless sockets are the shadows of a thousand years. I feel like we’re sitting, not in the kitchen, but in the cold, blank void. I feel so empty and full at the same time I don’t know what to do.

“I couldn’t stand it anymore. I gave up. I made a deal with the demon. The flower couldn't kill anybody in that form, so I agreed to give him the human souls once seven were collected, if he would allow the timeline to go on uninterrupted,” tears begin streaming from his empty, inky black sockets and drip onto the table.

“As soon as those humans came out of the door to the Ruins, I killed ‘em. I killed ‘em all.” He folds his arms on the table and hides his face. His shoulders begin to shake and I can hear him crying softly.

“Sans…” I whisper. I’m clutching at my shirt, my hand poised like a spider on my chest.

“And I wish I could say I did it because of the flower,” he sobs into his arms,

“But that ain’t why I did it. I figured, once I collected the seventh soul, if I was quick enough, I could use all that DT to go back and fix everything.” His voice is broken and gritty with self hatred. I realize my own face is now wet with tears.

“Poor Toriel, she thought they were her children. She was never right in the head after she lost Asriel and Chara. She begged me to stop, so I promised. I promised her, and I thought I'd spend eternity here, in hell, living the same years again and again…”

I stand up and my chair scoots back noisily. He looks up at me fearfully, his face shining with tears. I chew on my lip for a few moments, searching his face, and then I make my way around the table. He watches me warily, but doesn’t tell me to stop. I step up to him and take his skull in my hands. I lean down so that my face is level with his.

“I don’t blame you. I don’t hate you. I will always love you, no matter what you do,” I say, determined, looking straight into his empty sockets. Those little lights flicker back into the darkness and he shakes his head slightly from side to side, staring at me in utter bewilderment.

“If you hadn’t done those things, I’d have never met you. And maybe I’m being selfish, and maybe it’s fucked up of me to say, but I’m glad you did it. I’m glad, Sans,” I say, snaking my leg over him and sitting in his lap, facing him. His arms curl around me and he holds me so tight it almost hurts.

“You’re all I got, Frisk. All I got in the whole wide world,” he breathes into my ear. I clutch at the shirt on his back and just hold him as he shakes. I realize little snowflakes are falling down on us from the ceiling. His magic is seeping from his bones, and that endless, bleak loneliness is overwhelming.

“I’m not going anywhere, my poor little skeleton. Wherever you are, that's where I belong.” I promise. I caress his back and rest my head on his shoulder. He hides his face in my neck and squeezes me tighter, so that I can hardly breathe. We stay like that for several minutes. Eventually, I feel his frame relax, and snow stops falling on our heads.

“Hey, Frisk?” he pipes up, sounding hesitant, but a lot less sad. The air in the kitchen is steadily warming up.

“Yea?” I answer quietly, still resting against his shoulder.

“I was wonderin’...if you wanted to...go steady with me?”

I lift my head and lean back to look into his face. He’s blushing a light blue and looks a bit nervous. I can tell he’s trying his hardest to keep eye contact with me. I feel my face break into a huge smile, and my heart does a backflip in my chest. Shy Sans has his moments, too.

“Of fucking course I do!!” I laugh and kiss him. He chuckles, relieved, and returns the kiss full force.

“You done with that coffee yet?” I ask, breaking away from him to smirk mischievously. He gives me a roguish smile and his fangs poke into his lip.

“Is that ALL you think about?” he sneers, his bone fingers digging into my sides, tickling me viciously.

“Sans, quit!!!” I shriek, laughing uncontrollably. He relents and suddenly teleports us into his room. I’m straddling him as he sits on the bed.

“Tomorrow, we’re packin’ up your stuff, and you’re movin’ in here,” he says in a low voice, his mouth so close to mine that I’m breathing air from his lungs.

“And tonight?” I ask, poking him in the ribs. He laughs low under his breath and flashes me his fangs in a sideways smile. My stomach is suddenly filled with butterflies and it feels like my entire body is blushing.

“You’re sleepin’ here. But uh, heh, you won’t be gettin’ much sleep.”
CONFESSION (After the End Part 26)
also posted here…

If you thought the sex was over, you were wrong. Also, Sans confesses his sins.

As a nerd, I have to point out that Sans' and Papyrus' table is actually in the living room in the game, but for this story, their table is in the kitchen. 
Next chapter should be up within the next few days : ) hope y'all are fuckin' ready for this one XD
Had to split the chapter in two, so make sure you read the right part first. I highly recommend you read this chapter on archiveofourown because I can do so many more fun things with the text. XD
I AM SO SORRY. I haven't updated that story for maybe a year now. Things got crazy, life and all that. I forgot my OTP, I forgot how important sherlock is to me (the fictional character, not just the show). 
Jeez laweez, I just reread the last chapters or sherlock holmes syndrome and I was like "OMG did I actually write that?!!? it's good!!" 
I honestly don't know if I could once again pick up that style, I felt like John was speaking through me-- his britishness and all. I think I'd have to rewatch a lot of Sherlock stuff, the movies, the old shows, the bbc version--hell, I might even watch that american blasphemous knock off Elementary, just to get my johnlock spirit back. 
So I'm sorry to those who might still be waiting. I'll try to write more chapters. 

Those of you waiting for Tobuscus: demon sorcerer, I've kind of lost my interest in that story, but I DO have a plan for it and I WILL finish it eventually. 

Thanks to those of you who might still be out there. I miss you! :D


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